At Revive Social Care we offer services that can help people have the best life possible. Our services help build  the kind of supporting relationships that can change someone’s life. The goal for us is to help people live their lives the way they want to. Independence is encouraged, but we are always there to give support when needed.

Below are the services we offer to you. Feel free to get to know more about each one.

If you have any questions or queries, reach out to us via our contact form. We are always here to help.

We provide care and support for people who need it.

Supported Living

If you’re looking for quality care and support service for yourself or a loved one, we are  here to help and have a proven track record you can trust in.



Personalisation is an approach which is being adopted across the UK by health and social care providers, local authorities, health trusts and others.



Our vision is for people with a learning disability and difficulties to be an equal part of the community, where they are accepted, respected and valued. Our staff are passionate about enabling people to lead fulfilling lives and achieve their aspirations.

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Revive Social Care

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